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From Earth to the Universe: Picture of the day


Normally a mix of brown and red hues, this image of Jupiter made in near-infrared light has been colour-coded to show cloud height, from high altitude (white) through mid-range (blue) to low altitude (red). The so-called Great Red Spot and its neighbour Red Spot Junior top out at the highest altitudes, therefore appearing mainly as white in this image. Observers used the Gemini North telescope in Hawaii to capture this view.

Credit: Travis Rector (U. Alaska Anchorage), Chad Trujillo and the Gemini Altair Team, NOAO / AURA / NSF.

In 2009, the "From Earth to the Universe" project brought astronomy to millions of people around the world. Take a tour of just some of the locations in a short video on the FETTU Highlights page.